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Easily achieve all your goals and increase your self-esteem, authenticity & discipline.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to do more things that make you happy? And all that without thinking about what others think of you?

Imagine if you could value yourself as the highest priority in your life.I know the step into change is a path into the unknown for many people. You step out of your comfort zone and feel uncertain about what’s going to happen. This can cause anxiety and, in the worst case, lead you to fall back into old behaviors.

  • Are you haunted by the same mental problems over and over again throughout your life?
  • Are you always overwhelmed with the same things?
  • Do you know that you can change this behavior pattern with an effective method?
Detach yourself from old beliefs and say goodbye to traumas. Together we will overcome your mental problems, change your attitude towards life and create new goals and beliefs. Blockages will no longer stand in your way, preventing you from going the way you have dreamed of all your life.

This is necessary to dissolve your negative thoughts


Anamnesis and goal setting

First of all, I will take an anamnesis with you in order to get an overview of your personality, your environment and your way of thinking. Afterwards, we set goals that are tailored to you and that we want to achieve during the coaching.

Your beliefs and affirmations

We talk about your beliefs, which you have told me in advance and I give you tips on how you can change your mindset towards them. Then, within 24 hours, I will create affirmations tailored to you and your problem and send them to you with the most important information. If you have more than 2-3 negative beliefs, you will receive affirmations for the other beliefs later. These will follow after the first mindset call.

Intermediate conversation

We talk about what has changed and, if necessary, change the affirmations a bit.

Autosuggestions (similar to affirmations)

We again record your success to date and in order to dissolve the "last remnants" of your beliefs, I give you individual autosuggestions. I explain to you in a conversation what this is all about.

2 In-depth mindset calls

In diesem Call sprechen wir über deine jetzigen Denkweisen und auch das, was sich bei dir verändert hat. Sollte es noch negative Glaubenssätze bei dir geben, gehe ich ebenfalls mit meiner Meinung darauf ein und gebe dir sinnvolle Tipps aus meiner Sicht und Erfahrung mit auf den Weg. Ein Call findet nach dem letzten Schritt statt und einer vor dem Hypnosecoaching.

Hypnosis coaching

I will do a "thought journey" with you and you will go through this hypnosis in a light trance. We will manifest your greatest goals in life and set an "anchor" to use again and again in the future.

Final call

We talk again about how you feel now and record what has changed and, if necessary, talk about further cooperation.




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Should I be convinced of it I will arrange a phone call with you

About Carmen Wiesinger

My name is Carmen Wiesinger and I am 25 years old.

It was clear to me very early on that I didn’t want to live the life that many out there live. 9 to 5 work and one month a year vacation. Yet, I myself was also a person who did just that.

I did my apprenticeship as a freight forwarder back when I went into the business field. At the same time I started with my just 20 years in network marketing and set it as a goal to go full-time with it and hang my job on the nail. Unfortunately, I was not really successful with it, because I noticed that the whole thing does not really fulfill me.

The negative thoughts I had in certain situations and also my past caught up with me at that time, as I had not really processed many things and simply swallowed them in the hope that the problem would then be solved. I also had the attitude that I had to achieve everything as quickly as possible. Every little success went to my head and so I couldn’t really deal with setbacks.

When I almost wanted to throw everything away and give up, I accepted help in 2019 and was able to transform my life into a positive one. During a coaching session with my coach, I had to do affirmations myself as „homework“ and listen to them for 1 month.

After that I realized how effective the whole thing had been. It solved 2-3 problems at once in my life and I realized I needed to hold on to that and so I became an affirmation coach.

While I was „creating“ my own coaching I expanded my knowledge in hypnosis and got a certificate as a hypnosis coach and I also acquired further knowledge for life coaching and became a certified life coach.

If you want to convince yourself of my method, you can arrange an initial meeting with me and we will see how I can help you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In my 1:1 coaching we work on:


How to start organizing your time for productive value for you and your loved ones.


We will identify your mental blocks and release inhibiting beliefs so that you can once again look openly into the world that still has so much to offer you.


How to start organizing your time for productive value for you and your loved ones.


You no longer need to worry about motivation and learn to implement in a disciplined way.


And you will embark on new paths that are unimaginable to you today.

Start to see yourself as a priority and reward yourself!

With my easy-to-implement *P1 method in 1:1 coaching, I accompany you on your journey, with many ideas, exercises and inspirations.

You too can lead a fulfilled life!

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I have one very important piece of information for you!

Currently, I can only coach a limited number of clients at a time, as the collaboration is very intense and each person’s success is a top priority.

My coaching is in high demand therefore I ask for a short application for an initial meeting.

I never let my clients down and also offer coaching over a longer period of time.



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